Karolina Protsenko

Karolina Protsenko was born on October 3rd 2008 in Ukraine. Her parents are Nikalay and Ella. The Family moved to the United States in 2014 when Karolina was 6. She started violin lessons the same year. In early 2018 baby brother, Leo was born. Karolina began busking in late 2017. Santa Monica 3rd Street promenade is Karolina's preferred place to play. Karolina has 2 YouTube channels. She's also on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. In less than 2 years her fan base has grown into several million, in over 50 countries. Her videos on YouTube and other media sites have been viewed well over 100 million times. Karolina is classically trained and learns popular songs very quickly. On average she takes about 1 hour to learn the song and she does her own arrangements and as she says "I add some notes". Karolina Protsenko is a talent to watch! She is a musical genius. 

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