Vieem is a singer, songwriter and musician born and raised in Brooklyn, New York..U.S. Her name is her initials (vie-em) spelled out. Which coincidentally is “Vie” in french meaning life. French being Vieem’s second language. While at a young age she was taught how to play piano by her musician father. She began taking piano and vocal lessons. Being taught opera, gospel, and classical music. Some early influences include Tina Turner, Joan Jett, Cindi Lauper, Belinda Carlyle just to name a few.

During her high school years, she formed and fronted a girl group. This group entitled (3 days) was comprised of her and two fellow classmates, singing in talent shows and just about anywhere they could. The group dismantled after high school and went their separate ways. Inspired and left wanting more, she decided to take her career more seriously. And set off to become a solo artist to work on her own material.

A chance meeting on a New York City afternoon with a local session musician lead her to record her first album. Through trial and error that started from only a couple of songs, (Be It Hated) was born. This some times intense, yet deeply emotionial album was self produced. Forming the label Fink Desour Records in the process. Vieem, rightfully so, is the lyricist, providing words and voice to accompany her tracks.

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