Eric Treffel (guitars), Harry Klenk (bass), Martin Innerbichler (drums), Orgler Thomas (guitars), Sabine Mair (keyboard) and Stefan Fiori (vocals) make up the original Italian act known as Graveworm (originally formed in 1992). Graveworm's sound is a mixture of many: influenced by Power Metal, Prog-Rock, Death Metal and Traditional Heavy (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath), the group's blend of Symphonic Black Metal is equal to none. The band mixes epic elements (ala Stormlord) with the traditional Symphonic Black Metal template (shrieked vocals and powerblast drumming ala Dimmu Borgir) to create enormous compositions for each album.

After releasing their untitled demo in 1997, Graveworm immediately gained access to a decent record deal, under which the debut EP "Eternal Winds" and first full length "When Daylight's Gone" appeared (in that same year). "Underneath The Crescent Moon" appeared the following year along with the band's first video. The album's success forced the band into recording it's successor as soon as possible, and "As The Angels Reach The Beauty" was able to once again conquer fans of the style for the whole of 1999.

2001's "Scourge Of Malice" allowed the band to break into the mainstream (despite their true-to-the-style sound) as Metal and Rock magazines started showing the band in their coverpages. The band's latest effort, "Engraved In Black" was released in 2003.

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