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Complete name: Karin Kotzé

Karin K is an energetic artist who has been back in the music industry for the last seven years. She achieved fame by being part of the group "Take 5" who won the Crescendo competition a few years back. She also performed solo then as Karin Olivier and currently as Karin K.

Karin K lives in Wellington, Western Cape with her husband an their three children. After her studies Karin K pursued her career as a teacher for many years. Seven years ago she started writing songs and singing again. Music is her passion. Karin K is also a member of a boeremusiek band which consists of ladies only and they are the current National champions in their division. She can play seven musical instruments, write her own songs and sing them as well. Karin K has a strong voice, is very energetic and has a bubbling stage personalty.

Karin K is with Mania Records and her first CD in her professional career is "jy't gesê. Karin K, although unkown outside the Western Cape, is not a young upcoming artist, but a professional with years of experience on stages. She has just started her own music production: " Die verhaal van Annietjie Roux"

Karin K, together with her team at Mania Records, worked on her new album of which seven songs were written by herself.

Her songs provide good listening pleasure, It's Afrikaans with a pop/rock feeling. The music video of her title track "Jy't gesê" featured well known tv performers Liezl van der Westhuizen and Aiden Bennetts. The music video for the song "Man van die Nag" featured Malcolm Ferreira and provides great entertainment for both young and old. Both of the above were shot and produced by the team of "Inspired Minority" led by Simon Hanson, who also had a large share in the production of "District 9"

Since the beginning of Febuary this year, Karin K has featured on Kyknet programs Jukebox and DKNT. She has also just been featured on the Afrikaans Radio station RSG (*1) as music star of the week.

Since December Karin K has sold over 3100 CD's at introductory launches troughout the Western Cape even before the CD hit the shelves.

Karin K is definitely back after all these years...

Source: http://www.karink.co.za/english.html (01 dec 2014)

(*1): RSG = Radio Sonder Grense, http://www.rsg.co.za/

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