David Fourie

Born and bred in the country, a small town boy with big dreams embarked on a journey with nothing more than hope and buckets full of talent.

David Fourie was raised in a middle class home, small town in the South African country side. He started playing piano at the age of 3 and was surrounded by a musical family. At the tender age of 11 he traveled to Switzerland, Germany and the UK to take part in international music festivals. He found a sanctuary in a local church band, first starting off in the choir and gradually working his way up as band leader at the age of 20.

Although he gained invaluable experience in the band, a career as commercial music artist lured him to enter into South Africa’s first major Reality TV music contest, called Idols. Approximately 9000 people entered, among them David Fourie who traveled 11 hours by bus to attend the auditions. As fate would have it, this naive boy made it into the finals of the competition and he was part of the elite 10 who would compete in the final round. It was not destined for him and he bowed out in the finals.

Determined to make the best of this golden opportunity he negotiated a deal with Sony/BMG to release a single immediately after the competition. It was received to critical acclaim and the South African media noticed with surprise the appearance of this ‘cast away’ on the music scene. His first full lenght album “Land in die Suide” followed quickly with hits parading on various radio stations. Music videos were flighted on all the major music channels and the music industry took note of David Fourie arrival in the scene.

” I sat in a room with an agent just after being evicted from the competition, and this guy told me to go home… this is as good as it will ever get for you” David stated in an interview with Rapport a major national newspaper. A transition occurred and David decided to approach the biggest Afrikaans Record Label in South Africa for a deal in 2005. ” I needed to work with the best, I really wanted to make it big and there is no one else that controls the industry like Select Music” David was signed to a four album deal with Select Music. His first release with the new label dropped in 2006 called ” Kom hier na My Toe’ achieved gold status and received numerous awards and nominations. Including the South African Music Awards!

In 2008 he traveled to the UK, Switzerland and the Mediterranean to sing in corporate funtions, travel and write material for a new album. 2009 Sees the release of his latest album ” Vir ‘n 100 000 Jare”. It has been embraced by all major media entities, including major radio stations, TV channels and music critics. Early reviews have hailed it as his best work to date and a certain hit with the public.

David has appeared on every local television show, numerous articles have been written about his rise to fame as a local music star. In 2011 he is invited to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest and manages to get the right to record the winning song from Azerbaijan in Afrikaans, the hit “My Hart Het Klaar Besluit”, an english version of the song was also released worldwide on iTunes. He also releases his own wine series with the multi-award winning Darling Cellars.

David’s newest album has also been released, “Die Eerste Dekade”, which celebrates his first decade in the music industry.

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