Die Irrlichter


German band playing medieval and fantasy music formed in 2001. They perform as bards and at Medieval reenactment scenes, that is at fairs, banquets and festivals, in Germany and abroad.

The band was formed by Christoph Danielec, Ulrike Endesfelder, Anna Karin, Brigitta Karin (Jaroscheck) and Edwin Meissner. Christoph Danielec, the only male member, left the band in 2004.

Members - present

Brigitta Jaroschek (born Karin) - songwriter, vocals, bass lute, guitar, 12-string guitar, citter, mandoline, harp
Stephanie Keup-Büser - vocals, sopranino-, soprano-, alto, tenor- and bass flute, rauschpfeife, chalumeau, keyed fiddle
Jutta Simon-Alt - vocals, bagpipe, shawm, oboe, flutes
Bettina Henrich - drums, davul, cajón, small npercussion, vocals


Anna Karin - vocals, davul, zills, washboard, lute, dance
Daniela Heiderich - flutes, rauschpfeife, shawm, bagpipe, crumhorn, harp

Members - previous

Edwin Meissner - violin; left in 2002, after the release of the album "Koboldtanz"
Christoph Danielec - vocals, shawm, rauschpfeife, recorders, tin whistle, bagpipe and various noise makers; left 2004, after the release of the album "Elfenhain"
Ulrike Endesfelder - vocals, violin; left 2006, after the release of the album "Angelus ad virginem"
Ulla Kramer - violin, viola; left 2006, after the release of the album "Aventiure"
Christine Krull-Kosubek - vocals, bagpipe a-moll-sack, Galician gaita, hümmelchen), gemshorn, Renaissance flutes, tambourine; left in the end of 2007
Jutta Tiedge - davul, Landsknechtstrommel, darabuka, Zills, knock harp, drums; left in the end of 2012

Guest members

Martin Seifert - citter, vocals
Daniel Wahren - fiddle
Thomas Heuer - bodhrán, percussion


Koboldtanz, 2002
Elfenhain, 2004
Angelus ad Virginem, 2005
Aventiure, 2006
Goldstück, 2008
Rauhnächte, 2010

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