3 DJ/producers from Holland & Belgium start a brand new Band: TREMOLOS.

As individual artists they have been around for over more than 10 years: they all rocked every major club and festival in the low lands, but now they're ready to take it one step further... as a trio!

The pact was forged when they accidentally met at a club. The idea arose to start a new DJ/live-act based on their roots but simultaneously with innovative sounds... A style that would blow the crowd away.

As solo artists their musical boundaries have been formed by what they've been doing for over more than 10 years, but with Tremolos all gloves are off: they bring you fat beats mashed up with trendy new tracks and own productions with a strong musical respect for the past.

Their first release "Back To The Old School" is a real festival/Club banger with vocals by Nicci who's also part of the live performances of the group. They will present to you a live mashed up set taking you from House to electro over drum & Bass and hip hop and why not throw some wicked Tremolos productions into this crazy mix?

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Submitted by keeskees at Sun 07 Apr, 2013 8:58 am

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