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Renowned Tel Aviv based duo, Las Salinas, are one of the hottest growing names in the Electronic Dance Music scene in Tel-Aviv. Las Salinas adapted their name from the legendary beach found in Ibiza that attracts attention from around the world. The men behind the talent are two Israelis, Israel Bicher and Shaulli Harrari. These two gifted DJs\Producers reflect true passion toward the Electronic Dance Music scene and more specifically, toward the trance crowd. Las Salinas began flourishing in Tel-Aviv, then expanded all over Israel, and finally sharing their music with countries around the globe. Word of the potential possessed by these two producers spread quickly creating hype that is nothing short of well deserved. This hype has increased over the years contributing to their success today. Their records are not only hitting the biggest clubs in I srael, but are also being played by well-known DJ’s and Radio shows, one of which being Paul van Dyk. As native Israelis, Las Salinas’s has made a particular mark on the Israeli club scene and are known for creating a unique and classy atmosphere to the parties they DJ at.

After finishing a master piece and their first single ‘San Antoni’, the duo decided to send their work to their favorite label ‘Vandit’, which is owned by Paul van Dyk. After Paul reviewed it and gave positive feedback they have been featured seven times on his show. Thanks to his support, their name has expanded further around the globe, which resulted in attention from other renowned trance names such as Armin van Burren. When Las Salinas had finally reached an agreement to sign on with ‘Vandit’, Paul continued supporting themby playing their next single, ‘San Miguel’ on his radio show ‘Vonyc Sessions’.

After hearing their single and familiarizing themselves with the duo’s success,another record label named “Amsterdam Trance Records” signed “San Miguel” as well. “Amsterdam Trance Records” is owned by Raz Nitzan and Adrian Broekhuyse, who have previously worked with Elles De Graaf, the legendary vocalist who has recorded many famous singles like ‘The Sound of Goodbye’ – a collaboration with Armin Van Buuren. Soon afterward, Elles De Graaf’s first single, ‘Tears From The Moon’, the cover song of Sinead O’Connor and Conjure One, was remixed by Las Salinas. In response to the hit remix, it received support from many DJ’s and contributed to Las Salinas’s name in the industry. At that point in their career, Las Salinas took it upon themselves to explore new sounds and experiment with different tracks.

A different take was incorporated into their single ‘Stone Pony’, which immediately became a hit. After finishing the single, they sent it to their home label Vandit Records, for they felt the track would work well with Paul’s label company. Paul’s response to the single said it all, and with great enthusiasm the track was signed. After having signed ‘Stone Pony’ to his label, Paul also included it in his radio show several times. Other famous producers, such as Above and Beyond, supported the track as well, and incorporated it several times into their radio show, “Trance Around The World”. It was also featured once as ‘Web Vote Winner’ on the radio show, a feature that includes having the fanbase decide which song is the top hit of the week. Consequently, the track reached the 13th spot on Beatport, and stayed up there for about a month and a half. As a huge fan of Las Salinas’s hit single ‘Stone Pony’, Paul van Dyk confronted Israel and Shaulli and asked them to remix his well known single and collaboration with Arty called “The Ocean”.
It was featured on Paul’s newest album, ‘Evolution.’

Having done a remix to the track, it was then played in Above & Beyond’s sets and also participated in the ‘Web Vote Winners’ contest. Once the song was discovered by fans, it quickly hit the 17th place in the Beatport chart, and held its well deserved spot for a month. This remix is played by DJ’s such as Ferry Corsten, MIKE Push, Thrillseekers, W&W, and many more today. Another single that Las Salinas produced is ‘El Clasico’. It is a collaboration with their two good friends, Gofman and Tsukerman, two artists signed to Armada. This track was a great success and was quickly supported and signed by Lange Recordings. That same weekend, Armin van Burren and Above & Beyond played it in their sets. Following that week, Kyau & Albert, W&W, Max Graham, Tydi and many more played it in their sets as well. ‘El Clasico’ reached the 12th place in the Beatport chart and stayed there for a month.


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