Baggio was born in Wageningen on November 7th, 1997. From the moment he could talk his parents noticed that music made him happy. At the age of two Baggio began to sing along with all his favourite hits.

At the age of six he started playing the piano and the guitar...... out of curiosity. He sang "Viva Las Vegas" on stage when he was only seven years old.

Ever since that first experience on stage Baggio has had only one passion..... making music and entertaining people. He is inspired by, for instance John "Bon Jovi", Robbie Williams and John Mellencamp but he also loves the classics of the end of the twentieth century, a.o. Rock and Roll but also Queen belongs to his favourites.
At the moment Baggio is still a student at secondary school but he spends more time at the studio to write and produce his songs. The song "I don't care" was written and produced by Baggio and his father. Baggio is a born musical talent.

The song "I don't care" is about believing in yourself and your passion. Don't let other people tell you what to do but believe in what you want and what you stand for.

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