Goombay Dance Band


Goombay Dance Band

It is a Germany-based theatrical band created in the late '70s by German singer and actor Oliver Bendt. It sang in English. It was rewarded three platinum and twelve gold records.

Goombay Dance Band had a similar style to the famous Boney M. It gained popularity at home with the song "Sun of Jamaica" and by the 1980 was one of the most successful bands in Germany. It released some 15 singles in 1979-1985. It also achieved considerable fame in other European countries and in the Republic of South Africa. Its great hit in the UK was the song "Seven Tears".

The band had no more hits after 1982 and after 1985 it had no new albums or single for a few years. It had its comeback in 1995 with the LP Island of Dreams.

Some hits

"Sun of Jamaica", "El Dorado", "Rain", "Seven Tears".


Olivier Bendt (original name Jörg Knoch) - leader
Alicia Bendt
Dorothy Hellings
Wendy Doorsen
Mario Slijngaard
+ the leader's children Danny and Yasmin Bendt

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