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Maybe you've heard about 'Taped Rai' and you are wondering who they are. Well, firstly, you should know that Taped Rai changed their name officially to 'Max Elto'.
Max Elto is a Swedish duo who got the opportunity to work with French DJ David Guetta on their first track 'Just One Last Time'. After doing such a beautiful song with Guetta, they immediately kept working harder to start a successful career.

They released their 'Taped Rai EP' in January 2014 which consists of 4 songs: Backyard Animals, Citylights, Daniel & Shadow Of The Sun. I find all of these songs perfect and would advice you to check them (ITunes Link below). ... d767502170

Max Elto is an amazing duo that will one day or the other make your heart bleed!
The duo consists of Alexander Ryberg as vocalist, and Tom Liljegren as composer.
Two names that will shine in bright lights in the future...

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