Born in Ghana, Edward Buadee started a succesfull career at the age of 16.

In 1984 Edward came to Belgium and before anybody noticed Skyblasters was born, the first and genuine reggaeband Belgium ever knew. But after five years the band decided to split up, in regret and disbelief of everyone. During the 90’s and from 2000, Buadee has been performing with The Walkers. On request of many, Skyblasters treated the loyal fans with a succesfull reunion in 2005. But a treat should be an exclusive, so it was ment to end after two years.

Buadee decided not to retire and kept on working with occasional bands and projects involving friends from the past. But still, the hunger of sharing stages with a steady band needed to be fed. So he formed a new one, simply called BUADEE, spiced with an African flavour of reggae, rap and ragga. See it live, it’s easy skanking, rough and direct, let the vibes blow you away!

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