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At the age of 15 (2002) Yohannes de Dope started rapping. First he wanted the same as Eminem, he didn't know much about any hiphop. While he's rapping like Slim Shady he writes his first English verses on beats which were made in Magix Music Maker.
From almost the beginning Yohannes de Dope is working with Rebus which results into their first album "Phenteztik" (2003) under the name "Oh.Sicstene".
Shortly after its release, they both decide to switch to Dutch rap. During this time they learn a lot about the Dutch and international hiphop scene. In 2004 they release "Pindakaas". Shortly thereafter, they perform much in the south of the country which gives them more name recognition.
In 2005, Yohannes de Dope and Rebus moved to Eindhoven and changed their name to "Pluspunt". There they get acquainted with the local hiphop scene and they work with some local artists. In 2008, "Kinderspel" was released: an EP of 7 tracks including collaborations with Macro, Che, Barry Studebaker and Tamas. They also gained a third member: DJ Scutch. They appeared on South Bombing 2 featuring Eigenwijs and they get a lot of exposure.
Pluspunt falls apart because the members developed different priorities: Rebus focused on dubstep, Scuth on breakbeat and elektro.
Lyrics remain gnawing at Yohannes de Dope, they have to get out. So from the end of 2008 he began writing tracks for his new album.
Over the years a lot has changed and therefore the lyrics of Yohannes. From brag and boast to humor and ultimately to more serieus things like misanthropy, melancholy and loneliness.
The style of Yohannes de Dope is not comparable with other Dutch hiphop and thereby distinguishes himeself from the rest. He draws inspiration from alternative rock and hiphop.
Through revealing his vision and soul on the beats of Rebus he knows how to fascinate and intrigue people with his brand new album "Po├Ęte Maudit".

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