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Ciara - Living it Up Lyrics

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Living it Up by Ciara, Music Lyrics and Video

Living it Up is a song by American R&B singer Ciara, from her upcoming fifth studio album, "One Woman Army", that is due for release in November 2012. The track was included on a exclusive playlist featured on Cosmopolitan's magazine website.
The song samples elements of "Rollin' with Kid 'N Play" by American hip-hop duo Kid N' Play.

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Ciara - Living it Up

Ciara - Living it Up Lyrics

I have my doubts in love, but I know it's true
I don't have many friends, but I've got you
Imma live life to the fullest, I'll be speeding like a bullet
I'll be rolling like a train. I'll be dancing in the rain!
hola, hola ey!

  • Lyrics submitted by walter at Fri 17 Oct, 2014 8:16 am


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