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Kings Of Leon - The End Lyrics

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The End by Kings of Leon, Music Lyrics and Video

The End is the opening track from Kings of Leon's fifth studio album "Come Around Sundown" released on October 15, 2010. Rhythm guitarist and lead singer Caleb Followill typically aches over the chorus, straining out "This could be the end/ 'cos I ain't got a home" while lead guitarist Matthew adds that familiar effects-based layer of shoegaze-esque guitar underneath. Don't mistake all these effects jibes as criticism though - it actually gives the opening song a lot of depth.

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Kings Of Leon - The End

Kings of Leon - The End Lyrics

(1st Verse)
Running with the street lights
Laughing at the grave
He swears he's gonna give it up
It's never gonna be enough
I just wanna be there
When your all alone
Thinking bout a better day
When ya had it in ya bones

This could be the end (4x)

(2nd Verse)
I see you in the evening
Sitting on your throne
And praying with the fireball,
And posted it up against the wall
I just wanna hold you
Take you by your hand
And tell you that your good enough
Tell ya that it's gonna be tough

Cos I ain't got a home

(3rd Verse)
Running from the street lights
Shinning on the grave
Once you've had the good stuff
Never gonna fill you up
I wanna be the one who
Gives em all the world
And gives em all a feel of it
Just a little taste of it

Cos I ain't got a home
I'm out here all alone
Cos I ain't got a home
Out here all alone
Said I ain't got a home
Out here all alone
I ain't got a home
I'll forever roam
I ain't got a home

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Language: English
Available on: Come around sundown (2010), Come around sundown (Deluxe Version) (2010)


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