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Shakira - I Dare You Lyrics

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I Dare You (Truth Or Dare On The Dancefloor) by Shakira, Music Lyrics and Video

I Dare You is a song by Colombian diva Shakira, that is rumored to be the first single from her upcoming as yet untitled seventh studio album that's scheduled for release later this year or early 2013. The track was prodded by RedOne and is expected to be released in late September.
The video for the song was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal on June 29, 2012 and will premiere soon.

Shakira - I Dare You -- snippet

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Shakira - I Dare You

Shakira - I Dare You Lyrics

How dare you....
How dare, how dare you.

How dare to you to be there,
just watching when everybody is having a blast.
wavesounds, spiralling
nobody is watching so just take me out.

I wanna see you, I wanna feel you
because I heard that you like to watch
but tonight, It's the night, come closer, come closer
Lets take a step in the wildside.

Starlighting and shining
It's truth or dare on the dance floor
The time is now, It feels so right
Everybody is watching
It's truth or dare on the dance floor.

  • Lyrics submitted by walter at Fri 17 Oct, 2014 8:17 am


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