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Brad Paisley - Remind Me Lyrics

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Remind Me by Brad Paisley with Carrie Underwood, Music Lyrics and Video

The Brad Paisley / Carrie Underwood duet, 'Remind Me' is the latest single released from Paisley's eighth studio album, "This Is Country Music", in stores May 24.
The song is about "a husband and wife who are trying to rekindle their romance after years of being together."

You can listen the song here.
Brad Paisley - Remind Me Video (Duet With Carrie Underwood)

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Brad Paisley - Remind Me

[Brad] We didn't care if people stared
We'd make out in a crowd somewhere
Somebody'd tell us to get a room
It's hard to believe that was me and you
Now we keep saying that we're ok
But I don't want to settle for good not great
I miss the way that it felt back then I wanna feel that way again

Been so long that you'd forget the way I used to kiss your neck
[Carrie] Remind me, remind me
So on fire so in love. Way back when we couldn't get enough
[Carrie] Remind me, remind me

[Carrie] Remember the airport dropping me off
We were kissing goodbye and we couldn't stop
[Brad] I felt bad cause you missed your flight
[Carrie and Brad] But that meant we had one more night

[Carrie] Do you remember how it used to be
we'd turn out the lights and didn't just sleep
[Brad] Remind me Remind me
Baby remind me
[Carrie] Oh so on fire so in love
that look in your eyes that I miss so much
[Brad] Remind me, baby remind me

[Brad] I wanna feel that way
[Carrie] Yeah I wanna hold you close
[Brad and Carrie] Oh If you still love me
Don't just assume I know

[Carrie] Do you remember the way it felt?
[Brad] You mean back when we couldn't control ourselves
[Carrie] Remind me, remind me
[Brad] Yeah remind me
[Carrie] All those things that you used to do
That made me fall in love with you
Remind me. Oh Baby Remind Me

[Brad] Yeah you'd wake up in my old t-shirt
All those mornings I was late for work
Remind me

[Brad and Carrie] Oh baby remind me

  • Lyrics submitted by walter at Fri 17 Oct, 2014 8:16 am
  • Lyrics last updated by walter at Thu 30 Oct, 2014 9:25 am


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