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Professor Green - Avalon Lyrics

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Avalon by Professor Green featuring Sierra Kusterbeck, Music Lyrics and Video

Avalon is the fourth single by British rapper Professor Green, from his second studio album "At Your Inconvenience." The track features vocals from singer-songwriter Sierra Kusterbeck.
For its single release, Green confirmed on June 18, 2012 that the track has been remixed, with a heavier, guitar-laden sound.

Professor Green - Avalon ft. Sierra Kusterbeck Video

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Professor Green - Avalon

Professor Green ft. Sierra Kusterbeck - Avalon Lyrics

Yeah.. yeah...
Yeah... yeah...

Whatever's asked to me I perform,
I rip through the rain into the eye of the storm,
Still carrying the flame, eye of the torch,
Failure comes at a price I can't afford,
Never been half hearted I put my all in,
Forfeited all just to answer my calling,
Wearing the scars of the wars that I fought in,
Should'a been heading for the stars but I'm falling,

I have your...
If you need them I'll be swimming in the lake,
Oh baby don't look down, just take the crown.

We'll be kings forever, oh oh oh,
Holding on together, oh oh oh,
Feeling so much better oh oh oh,
When everything was wrong and everything was gone
We ran to Avalon.

I fought till I had the fight left,
Risked my death,
Walked with conviction in everyone of my steps,
My strengths water enough,
To wash away any of the stains on my rep,
Yeah.. I fought off vultures,
Went against odds when I was short and soldiers,
I asked not for my burden to be lightened
but if I may have broader shoulders
so as I may carry the weight all the doubt I had in me has been [..]
so from now til the day I'm carried away I will never walk around what stands in my way
fuck if they ain't letting off cos neither will I
When I die from the ashes any [..]
long as my [..] and my faith keep me alive
Fear is something you will see in my eyes.


I left competition out for the count no abacus
Fought for the crowd, fought down challengers
When my massacre was ordained I remained through pain forged my sword, my Excalibur.


Song Information

The song featured on the first ever Relentless TV advert featuring footage of Professor Green drinking the energy drink whilst walking on top of cars, and performing the track live alongside Sierra Kusterbeck. For the advert, lyrics in the first verse were adjusted in order to mention Relentless. The video was directed by Ross Cairns and filmed at various locations in London. Rrofessor Green is a Relentless Energy Drink brand ambassador.

Released 24 September 2012
Recorded 2011
Genre Hip hop, rap rock
Length 4:45
Label Virgin
Writers Stephen Manderson, Mustafa Omar, James Murray, Sierra Kusterbeck, Luke Juby
Producer Mojam

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Author: ?
Composer: ?
Publisher: ?

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