Sweet Nothings

Ah ha, honey

My baby whispers in my ear
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's
He knows the things I like to hear
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's
Things he wouldn't tell
Nobody else
Secrets baby I keep them to myself
Sweet Nothin's, oooh, Sweet Nothin's

We walk along hand in hand
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's
Yeah, we both understand
Oooh Sweet Nothin's
Certainly pass the time and trying to read my book
My baby give me that special look
Sweet Nothin's
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's

Ah, sittin on my front porch
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's
Well, do I love you, of course
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's
Mama turned on the front porch light
And said 'Come here darlin' that' enough for tonight'
Sweet Nothin's
Oooh, Sweet Nothin's
Sweet Nothin's

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    Nita am Mi 23 Aug, 2006 3:07 pm

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